Miles around America (March 2014)

The route map has been updated with mileage from March 2014.

(For those of you that are reading this for the first time, a friend at church suggested I take my total mileage and see how far I could go if I had ran that mileage all at once.  This is the what I’ve started to put together using the route feature through my Runkeeper app.)

In March 2014 I ran/walked a total of 78.1 miles.  Giving me a grand total of 567.9 for the combined years 2013-2014.  This puts me up near the Canadian border.  I’ve still got a bit of a ways before I’m out of Wisconsin, but I bet the scenery is gorgeous up there.

Mar 2014

2013 Total = 336.2
January 2014 = 76.2
February 2014 = 77.4
March 2014 = 78.1

Happy Running!

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