Dopey Challenge Training Week 15, Days 1, 2 & 3


This weeks Dopey Challenge Training (by Jeff Galloway), called for:

Tuesday 45 Minutes – I ran this on Monday with the a couple of friends from the running club.  We put in 4 miles at a 10:20 pace.  The weather was near perfect for this.  It was super cold in the morning, so I packed my tights and a long sleeve shirt, but it warmed up enough throughout the day that I really could have gotten away in a shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

Thursday 45 Minutes –  I ran this on Thursday with my friend Kylee.  We put in 4.2 miles at a 11:26 pace.  The weather was a bit more humid that it was on Monday and the air was definitely heavier.  Kylee is my “go to” Dopey expert.  She’s run the Dopey Challenge twice, and this January will be her third time (my first).  So whenever we get together, our conversations also take a turn towards Dopey.  She gives me pointers on different parts of the various race routes as well as logistical pointers of just getting in and out of the event area itself.  We talk about the best places for my parents to watch as spectators, and of course about the Expo!

Saturday 3 mile run – I like the weeks that call for a 3 mile run!  I ran Saturday morning with Doug from the running club.  Kim, Brigid and Jerry were all in Chicago for the Chicago Marathon, and Ally was in Indy running a 20 miler with a group down there that are training for the Monumental Marathon.  Kylee would have run with us, but she ended up tailgating at a University of Notre Dame game.  So this weekend it was just Doug and I.  We ran 3.4 miles at a 9:18 pace, which felt really good.  I haven’t seen that pace in a while, and it was nice to consider it a “conversational pace”.  At least for that distance any how.

Next Week calls for:
Tuesday: 45 minutes – This will probably be ran on Monday
Thursday: 45 minutes – This will hopefully be ran on Wednesday
Saturday: 7 mile walk – This will need to be ran on Friday (however I’m still trying to figure out how!)
Sunday: 17 mile run/walk – This will be ran on Saturday

Here’s an interesting photo I took of myself in the car Saturday morning.  I was having a hard time getting a good angle of my new tights…so my eye looks really big and my body looks really small!


Happy Running!

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5 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training Week 15, Days 1, 2 & 3

  1. Hey! I’m also training for Dopey and will be following along with your training plan!
    You’ve got some serious miles scheduled for next week…
    I’m running my first ever marathon Monday week… eeeeeeek! So nervous!
    It’s great that you’ve got a friend that’s been through it all before to ask questions and just chat about Dopey, I think my friends are all sick of me talking about it at this stage lol


    1. Yay! Is this your first Disney run? It is for me. I’m looking forward to the 17 miler on Saturday. My friend Kylee, who’s run Dopey twice, is a little behind in the plan so I don’t think she’ll do the 17 this weekend. But I have another friend from our local running club that is training for her first marathon in 3 weeks and has a 16 miler scheduled for Saturday, so she’s going to do the 17 with me. It’s been nice having others that are running fall marathons, have similar distances to what my plan calls for. We’ll see what happens once they are done with their marathon’s and I’m left on my own :o(
      Good luck to you on Monday! I ran my first full this summer. It did not go well…can’t wait to redeem myself. Even with character stops during the full marathon at Disney I’m sure I’ll be able to beat my existing marathon time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey! No my first was Wine&Dine last November, it rained the whole time though! I hope your run went well. Two times Dopey that’s an achievement! I’m getting so nervous for the marathon now, fingers crossed it’s not too bad.

        I was doing most of my training with my Dad and Sister but since I moved to London I’m running alone a lot, I found podcasts great to keep me entertained without the company, I still find I run better with company though.

        I’m so excited for Dopey though! I’m hoping by then with all the training I can just enjoy it..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome! Good luck to you on the rest of your training. I just did 17 on Saturday, there’s no way I would have gotten through it alone. I’m glad there are a few girls, that are training for upcoming marathons, to run these longer distances with me.


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