Miles around America (June 2013)

The route map has been updated with mileage from June of 2013.

(For those of you that are reading this for the first time, a friend at church suggested I take my total mileage and see how far I could go if I had ran that mileage all at once.  This is the what I’ve started to put together using the route feature through my Runkeeper app.)

In June 2013 I ran and walked a total of 17.5 miles.  According to the map, this would put me just south of the Wisconsin border.  This puts me at a total for the first 6 months of 154.4 miles.


Like I said in a previous post, June was my very first 5k.  My cousin had asked me to join her at the Sunburst 5k in South Bend, IN.  The race was June 1st, 2013.  I ran the 5k in 32:43 and I was 100 out of 218 in my age group.  I ran a total of 6 times in June, not sure if I was going to continue with running or go back to just walking on the treadmill, which is what I had originally purchased it for.  I had gotten the bug, but wasn’t sure what I was doing.  I had discovered the Runkeeper app in January, but it wasn’t working well with my phone that I had at the time.  I eventually got a different phone with a better built-in gps, and signed up for another race, again with my cousin.  However that race wasn’t until August.

Here are photos of my shirt and bib from my first race!  The Sunburst is an annual event, this was it’s 30th year.  The proceeds go to the Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend.  They offer a 5k, 10k, Half and Full.  I ended up running this same event in 2014, but I ran the 10k instead.  I had intended on running the Half in 2015, but needed to run a Full to achieve my goals for 2015, so I ran the Full in 2015 and will run the Half in 2016.


And here is my cousin, Kim, and I after the race.  In 2013, and in most years up to this, the race finished on the football field of Notre Dame University.  I remember it being a muddy mess.  I had a cool pair of bright pink Fila’s, and was a little upset that they got splattered with mud while running to the finish line.  (Now I don’t care so much about that, I’ll splash through mud and puddles and figure it’s all part of the fun!)  The following years, in 2014 and 2015, they weren’t able to continue the tradition because the University was tearing up the field and putting in turf instead.  So the finish line was outside of the stadium.  I actually preferred that better to finishing in the stadium.  I know a lot of people were upset.  That was the main reason they ran this race, was to finish on the football field.  At least with the finish line outside of the stadium, there was a lot more crowd support, spectators, that were there to cheer you on right up to the finish line.  You didn’t get that inside the stadium.  There could be people in the stands, but they weren’t allowed down on the field, in the finishing area.IMG_20130601_075325

January 2013 = 12.4
February 2013 = 35
March 2013 = 11.6
April 2013 = 37.8
May = 39.9
June = 17.5

Happy Running!

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