Miles around America (May 2013)

97F7DB3C-20E4-4EE6-8E6A-69D70609FF4DThe route map has been updated with mileage from May of 2013.

(For those of you that are reading this for the first time, a friend at church suggested I take my total mileage and see how far I could go if I had ran that mileage all at once.  This is the what I’ve started to put together using the route feature through my Runkeeper app.)

In May 2013 I ran and walked a total of 39.9 miles.  According to the map, this would put me north of Chicago.  But not quite yet out of Illinois!  June’s mileage isn’t going to get me too far.  I doubt it will get me beyond the Illinois border.  In May I was ramping up to run my first 5k!  Tomorrow night when I post about June, I’ll share an extra picture.

January 2013 = 12.4
February 2013 = 35
March 2013 = 11.6
April 2013 = 37.8
May 39.9


Tomorrow I’ll post an update with June 2013 added and a photo of two of my very first 5k, which I ran with my cousin.

Happy Running!

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