Dopey Challenge Training Week 14, Days 1 and 2

This weeks Dopey Challenge Training (by Jeff Galloway), called for:

Tuesday 45 Minutes I ran this on Monday.  I ran 3.25 miles in 34:27 (10:36/mi pace) with Doug and Kylee.  We ran using a 3:1 run/walk ratio.  We parked at the elementary school, like we do every Monday.  However, instead of heading North, I suggested we head South, run into the county park and make a pit stop at the park bathrooms.  It ended up being a really nice run, with a nice change of scenery and it was Kylee’s first time in the park.  I think we’ll have to make it a semi-regular route.  However, we were looking for about 4 miles and only ended up with 3.25.  So we’ll have to make another loop somewhere to add on the additional .75 miles.

Thursday 45 minutesI ran this on Tuesday.  I ran 4.3 miles in 47:35 (11:04/mi pace) with Kylee.  We ran using the same 3:1 run/walk ratio.  We ran the 2.5 mile loop at Buetter Park in Mishawaka, like we do every Tuesday or Thursday, and then ran part of the loop a second time giving us a total of 4.3 miles.  The weather today was about 63 degrees, perfect running weather, but also perfect for making your nose run!

Saturday 5.5 mile walk – I’m going to try to do this walk/run on Friday.

Sunday 15 mile run – I’m going to run this Saturday morning.

Next Week calls for:
Tuesday: 45 minutes
Thursday: 45 minutes
Saturday: 3 mile walk

Happy Running!

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