Dopey Challenge Training – Week 10 Day 3 – Completed

Yesterday’s Dopey Challenge plan called for an 11 mile run.  I was actually pretty geeked about this all week.  11 miles was going to be my longest run since the Sunburst Marathon back in June.  Two weeks ago when the training plan called for 9 miles, I ended up with side stitches and walked most of the 2nd half.  Today I was feeling optimistic.

There were 4 of us scheduled to meet up together at 7am.  Three of them are all training for marathons.  Two, of which, are in October, the other in November.  So their plans for yesterday morning was to do 20/21.  Unfortunately, one of them wasn’t feeling so good, so it ended up being three of us instead.  I ran with them for the first 5.5 miles and then did my turn around to head on back to where we started.

I kind of enjoy my alone time on the way back.  I get to run half my run with the group and then the other half lost in my own thoughts.  However, this time I decided to take along some music and headphones.  I hardly ever run with headphones outside.  I usually want to hear what’s going on around me.  But knowing that a) I was going to be on a pedestrian trail, b) that I had 5.5 miles that I would be running on my own, and c) there are often other runners and cyclist out on the trail, I wasn’t feeling so paranoid about needing to be constantly watching my back.

We all stopped briefly at mile 4 to fuel and hydrate.  On my way back, I stopped at mile 8 to fuel and hydrate.  I didn’t suffer from any side stitches this time.  I ran the entire distance with the exception of the two fuel stops that were only for about a .10 of a mile.

Jerry had brought donuts for us to have afterwards.  I was going to pass, but was tempted so I opened the box, only to find the kind with my favorite frosting.  How could I walk away from that?  After all I did just run 11 miles!


My step count for the 11 miles was over 20,000 steps.  And my day isn’t even over yet.  We still had plans to head to the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth, In.


One of the things I forgot about the night before my 11 miles was that I had thrown out my hydration flasks that had come with my belt.  I was having issues with them leaking all over me during my runs.  I had bought new caps for them and they still continued to make a mess.  Fortunately I had a case of the small 8oz bottles of water in my car.  So I thought I would give these a try.  I split a Gu Brew tablet between two bottles and I was all set.  They ended up working out really well.  They stayed in the holsters, they didn’t bounce, they didn’t make a mess.


Once I got home, showered, and a power nap.  Gabby and I picked up her boyfriend and we drove to Plymouth for the annual Blueberry Festival.  It’s one of the largest festivals in the area, drawing in half a million people every year.

Gabby goes for the strawberry shortcake (I know, I know, strawberry shortcake at the Blueberry Festival!  Silly girl!).  While in line for her annual treat, the guy in front of us was getting a banana split bucket.  These things are $9, but they are huge!  Had I not of seen one, I wouldn’t have ordered it.  I was going to get the strawberry shortcake as well, but OH MY GOSH the banana split bucket looked so good.  So this was our dinner.  It was so filling we couldn’t think about eating anything else.


This was the first year that the balloons launched while we were there.  It was pretty cool.  Sunday night they will have a balloon glow, just before the fireworks show.



While checking out the vendor booths, I spotted some headbands.  These are made with velvet on the inside so they are supposed to not slip off your head.  I’ve had the hardest time finding headbands that stay put on my noggin.  I’ve used a couple different “non-slip” types and they all still slip right off.  So I’m pretty skeptical when making a headband purchase.  These were $5 each and when I spotted the Michigan State Spartans one I knew I had to give them a shot.  So I got that one as well as a Wonder Woman one.  I wore one most of the afternoon today, and I haven’t had to make any adjustments to it yet, but I also haven’t tried running in it yet.  That will be the ultimate test.  I’ll give a final thumbs up or thumbs down on it after I’ve made it through a run.


Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend.

Happy Running (biking and swimming!)

p.s. I ended up with 29,055 steps at the end of the day

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