#marchfitstreak day 26, marathon training day 13 (attempted) & running store trip

March fitness streak challenge day 26 is complete.

Marathon Training …or not – today was supposed to be 6 mile negative split training session.  1 mile slow, 4 miles fast starting at a 10:29 pace and dropping 10 seconds each mile, finishing at a 9:50 pace, and then 1 mile slow.  I was definitely going to do this on the treadmill in order to maintain my pacing.  But man!  I got on the treadmill and ran not quite .5 miles and I got a horrible cramp in my lower left abdomen.  I walked for a few minutes and then attempted to run again to see if the cramp would stay away.  No such luck.  I managed to squeek out a mile and that was about it.  I’ve had this type of cramp before, and I have a feeling it’s triggered by something that I eat, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint it yet.  

I did manage to make it to the Two Rivers Running Company store today.  If you know me at all, you know that for quite a while I was making weekly pilgrimages to the store on Saturday’s.  Just to pop in, say hi to the staff, and pick up a few things.  I couldn’t ever spend much, so I’d pick up some Gu, or try a new pair of socks.  I’d eye the compression socks and calf sleeves and try to determine if they were something I needed.  Well I hadn’t been in for the last 4-5 weeks.  And during that time they hired a new store manager.  Things had gotten busy and since I’m trying to save up for the Dopey Challenge registration fee, I’ve been pinching my pennies.  Well, I had picked up some Nuun hydration tablets at Kroger, they only sell them in the 4 count package, not the tubes like I was wanting.  I thought the Two Rivers Running Company had something similar, so there was the excuse I needed.  I thought I better stop in and check it out and introduce myself to the new manager.  They have a comparable item, Gu Brew.   Just like the Nuun, it’s an effervescent tablet that you drop in a bottle of water, wait for it to dissolve and then drink.  It’s a hydration/electrolyte drink similar to Gatorade or Powarade but without all the sugars and calories.  I’m trying the Lemon Line and the Strawberry Lemonade.  So far they are alright.

I also picked up a pack of Jelly Belly Sports Beans.  They tasted pretty good. I’ll probably go back and pick up a couple more packs.  I really like the Honey Stinger chews, but they are a bit too slimy feeling when you pull them out of the package, and the leave your fingers sticky.  


Happy running!

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